We’re speeding up diversity and inclusion within the environment sector to deliver climate justice now

The environment, climate, sustainability and conservation sector is one of the least diverse in the country. We must try harder to become more representative of the communities we are working to serve.

Proportion of people identifying as Black, Asian and other minority ethnic backgrounds in professions across the UK:

All professions
Environment professionals
Conservation and environmental associate professionals
Conservation professionals

Source: Office of National Statistics, Annual Population Survey 2020-21
*No recorded diversity

The first step is


Racial Action for the Climate Emergency is working with organisations to create transparency cards that will create the impetus to go further and faster on diversity and inclusion.

Here's how


Data collection

Between April and September 2022 we will collect compariable data from UK charities, and trusts and foundations, that predominantly work on, or fund, environmental, climate, nature or sustainability issues.


First analysis

Throughout October we will analyse the data and prepare the inaugural RACE Report, which will be an annual summary report of the sectoral data. This first report will be generic without individual organisations identified and will set a decent, robust benchmark.

Upwards Arrow


We will provide case studies demonstrating initiatives that have helped progress equality, diversity and inclusion in organisations and the sector. We’ll work with participating organisations to discuss a potential sector-wide goal.


Going forward

In 2023, and every year thereafter until at least 2027, we will repeat the survey and publish The RACE Report annually. From 2023 we will also publish the online transparency cards for individual organisations, as is done in Green 2.0.


Join other great organisations and commit to participating in the first RACE Report

Andre Kpodonu

Unfortunately, minoritised communities in the UK are used to slow progress on equity and diversity in the workplace. I’m heartened that RACE Report will provide transparency and a means for ongoing frank discussions about the pace of change in the sector. We will soon find out which organisations are prepared to do the hard work that comes with genuine transformation, versus those which are only comfortable with change when it’s reserved to Instagram posts.

Andre Kpodonu, Head of Activism, Feedback

Vibhati Bhatia

It is a breath of fresh air to see this much needed report come to fruition. For several years, I’ve not only read the statistics, but also felt it working within the sustainability industry as a British Indian woman. RACE Report will create space to bring change where, currently, many people of colour face injustices on a daily basis. South Asians for Sustainability are delighted to be a part of this crucial initiative.

Vibhati Bhatia, Founder, South Asians for Sustainability

Register your support

Are you a senior leader or trustee in a charity or trust/foundation, that predominantly works on, or funds, environmental, climate, nature or sustainability issues? If so, you can register your organisation's intent to take part in the 2022 RACE Report here! If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact us at race-report@sos-uk.org

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Jason Palmer
Friends of the Earth

Transparency and accountability are necessary to advancing climate justice. The RACE report has the potential catalyse a step-change in the environmental movement, to meaningfully break down the barriers that have historically excluded People of Colour from climate campaigning.

Jason Palmer, Diversity and Inclusion Manager, Friends of the Earth

Action for Conservation

Action for Conservation is delighted to support the RACE Report as a crucial tool in working towards an environmental sector that reflects and is strengthened by the diversity of society as a whole. The RACE Report will increase transparency and ambition among organisations that are serious about this goal.

Hendrikus van Hensbergen, CEO, and Laura Kravac, Head of Programmes

Catriona Corfield, Head of Diversity & Inclusion, Woodland Trust

Real change on racial equality in the environmental sector is long overdue. To get there we need transparency and accountability on where we are. I welcome the RACE report as a mechanism to do that.

Catriona Corfield, Head of Diversity & Inclusion, Woodland Trust