We’re speeding up diversity and inclusion within the environment sector to deliver climate justice now

The environment and conservation professions are amongst the least diverse in the UK. We created The RACE Report to focus on charities and funders working on environmental and conservation issues, highlighting the need for greater representation in sustainability and climate action.

The RACE Report 2023 shows the racial diversity gap between the UK working population and staff in environment, conservation, climate and sustainability charities.​

UK population 16-64 in employment*
RACE Report - staff in 140 organisations**

*Source: Office of National Statistics, Annual Population Survey 2022-3, non-white identities [n.b terminology replicated from ONS data export]​
**Source: RACE Report 2023 overall staff data, POC and racially/ethnically minoritised groups.

The first step is


Racial Action for the Climate Emergency is working with organisations to drive transparency that will create the impetus to go further and faster on diversity and inclusion.

Here's how


Data collection

Between April and September we collect comparable data from UK charities, trusts and foundations that predominantly work on, or fund, environmental, climate nature or sustainability issues.


First analysis

Next we analyse the data and prepare The RACE Report,  an annual summary report of the combined data from all organisations taking part. From 2023 onwards, this report will be accompanied by individual transparency cards for organisations above a certain size.

Upwards Arrow


We provide case studies demonstrating initiatives that have helped progress equality, diversity and inclusion in organisations and the sector. We’ll work with participating organisations to discuss a potential sector-wide goal.


Going forward

In 2023, and every year thereafter until at least 2027, we will repeat the process and publish The RACE Report annually along with transparency cards for individual organisations.

How  diverse  is the sector?

In 2023, 140 organisations submitted data on the race and ethnicity of their staff members to The RACE report. The proportion of those who identify as people of color and racially or ethnically marginalised groups is...

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