2024 intersectional data pilot

2024 intersectional data pilot

In 2024, we are piloting the collection of intersectional data. We want to do this to further increase the transparency of who is and isn’t represented across the sector.

The pilot will involve cross-tabulating race/ethnicity with otherpersonal characteristics to allow us to understand who is and isn’t represented in the sector in more detail.

The characteristics we hope to analyse the race/ethnicity data against include:

•       Age

•       Gender

•       Disability

The table below shows an example of cross-tabulated data from our 2023 Staff Perceptions Survey

The pilot is open to all organisations submitting data in 2024. There is a section on the data submission form for you to add your data.

Get in touch via race-report@sos-uk.org if you want to discuss in more detail how your data could contribute and for any support in collating the data for submission.

When making your data submission, you will be asked if you are opting into the pilot, and what combination of characteristics are being submitted by your organisation. Depending on your choices the tables to submit your data will be shown. The data points can be reviewed in the data points list, at B18 to B23.

You can use the data collation tool to compile your data ready to submit.  Please remember that the data submission form does not save any data and that all data should be to hand before starting a submission. You can find the data collation tool in the resources section.

Data will only feature in the aggregated main data report – no organisation names will be featured alongside the data. Data from individual organisations will not be published on the organisation’s transparency card.